The Ultimate Water-Only Hair Washing Routine – [No Shampoo!]

Just Water?

I finally got fed up with the damaging effects of shampoos and decided I wanted to take my hair to the next level by going shampoo-free. It was the greatest decision I ever made for my hair! If you’re curious as to why I would make such a crazy decision or if you aren’t familiar with the “no poo” movement, check out my other post about it. In the beginning, I did a lot of research on which “no poo” methods I should use in place of shampoo. I started with honey-washing and conditioner-only washing and had great results. I later transitioned to using the Water-Only hair washing method, where I use only warm water to wash my hair. I’ve been strictly water-only for over a month now and love it!! Update: I’m still going strong with this routine after 13 months!

When I first heard about using only water to wash hair, I assumed it’d be a pretty grungy ordeal, but it’s actually an incredibly effective, simple, and rewarding method if done right. There are a few essential techniques to follow that will help enormously in managing the oils on your head, getting the most out of your hair washes, and keeping your roots looking oil-free & your ends hydrated. Once you get the techniques down, (and your scalp’s oil production calms down), this hair care routine becomes almost effortless. I’ve included some easy & effective techniques below that can help give you the ultimate water-only hair, even if you are still going through the initial oily no poo phase (like I was in the pictures throughout this tutorial)– People didn’t even know I don’t use shampoo! And my hair has rewarded me with the best quality it’s ever been in. :)