Welcome to the Just Primal Things blog!

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Hi, I’m Becca! And this is where I share my thoughts and experiences on all things natural, minimalist, and simple living.

I have been stunned many times throughout my life by the incredible improvements I’ve experienced after adopting natural lifestyle habits. These include following a natural and zero waste hair and skin care routine, eating a primal and organic diet, practicing yoga and mindfulness, leaning into minimalism and digital minimalism, embarking on an inner healing and authenticity journey, introspective journaling, and so many more natural living habits. I often find myself researching how to live more simply and wholly, and I thoroughly enjoy trying new methods and piecing together what works and what doesn’t. I participate in several online forms and communities sharing what I know with others, and I often see the same questions get asked over and over.

So I created this blog as a detailed resource to share my findings and experiences to help as many people as possible. I am not a certified expert, but I promise to thoroughly test and tweak methods before sharing something new. I genuinely hope this blog is helpful to you in some way. Thank you for reading!

Spread the Word

I feel so lucky to have found these natural lifestyle methods, and I am grateful to be able to share my experiences, even if I am just another voice in a rising sea of other voices supporting natural lifestyle movements. I fully support other bloggers and anyone who wants to spread the word about consuming and using more natural products and methods in and on our bodies. The more people who produce this type of content and share methods that worked for them, the more this information can saturate the internet, people’s minds, and the food and products developed and sold in stores. If you found something helpful in my blog or another “natural living” type of blog, I urge you to share it with others!

About Me

In addition to my natural lifestyle interests:

I am an avid gamer and have been my entire life. Over the years, I ran various multi-gaming organizations, played competitively in eSports leagues, and co-hosted a gaming podcast and livestream. More recently, I’m learning 3D modeling to experience my digital creations in virtual reality. I am also working on a second video game prototype!

My other hobbies include cooking and baking, being a plant mom to various house plants, and songwriting. I am, of course, going to include a picture of my cat below. Her name is Kitty, and she is a princess… though I am a dog person as much as I am a cat whisperer. :)