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When I created this blog, I promised to only recommend products that I have thoroughly researched, personally tested for an extended period of time, and think others would find notably beneficial. And I intend to stick to that. Any products I affiliate myself with or ones seen recommended in the sidebar follow that same promise and have my “seal of approval” on them. If I would recommend it to a friend, I will recommend it here. And this no poo hair guide is one of those times.

“No Poo” had a spotty beginning…

When the No Poo craze first hit, it was a new concept for most of us, and there really wasn’t a lot of information surrounding it. The craze began with people boasting about using baking soda instead of shampoo, and a lot of the early adopters learned the hard way that baking soda was neither the only alternative hair washing method, nor was it the best one for everyone. From what I’ve seen, the information floating around the net about No Shampoo has been mostly word-of-mouth, anecdotal, and oftentimes based on raw trial and error… thus, mistakes were made by the unlucky and the uninformed. Fortunately, enough time has passed now that enough people have worked out the kinks of their methods and shared their knowledge with others, and it seems like for the most part, bloggers and the various online No Poo communities have agreed on certain No Poo guidelines about which methods work for which hair types and which methods simply don’t work at all. The only problem we face is that there are very few complete resources where this information is compiled and easy to find.

If there is a lot of no poo information you still aren’t completely clear on– believe me, you’re not alone– then you may be happy to hear that…

The No Poo Method eBook

Close up eBook cover for no poo hair washing help and tips

Ashlee from and compiled a comprehensive No Poo guide and put it into an easy-to-follow eBook, which I’ve already read, and I think can be beneficial to those still starting out. The No Poo Method eBook walks through what is needed to know about starting No Poo, includes a guide for choosing a method based on hair type, 22 DIY pH-balanced recipes for No Poo shampoos, hair masks, hair spray, etc, and it offers tips for how to get past the dreaded transition phase. It’s a great resource for those starting out and still trying to choose the right method. The eBook will be available HERE via this link on Tuesday, September 15, but Ashlee is giving us early access to the eBook starting Sunday, September 13 with a 20% discount code. The coupon code “PRIMAL” will be available for 2 days only: Sunday 9/13 and Monday 9/14, so purchases will need to be made before the discount expiresIf you got here late and missed the discount, this link can be used to purchase the book.

I support Ashlee’s efforts for creating an informative resource for people– we need more resources like this. I hope this eBook is helpful, fills in any gaps of info, answers questions, and provides a good place to start on the No Poo journey. :)

This No Poo Method eBook includes:

  • 75+ pages of content
  • 18 chapters
  • Over 20 DIY recipes
  • Full color
  • Step-by-step guides
  • Hyperlinked table of contents for easy navigation
  • Trouble-shooting tips and answers to frequently asked questions
  • In-depth info on lots of different no poo methods
  • TWO bonus gifts! A Getting Started Guide to help determine the best no poo methods for hair type and a 20-minute Getting Started Video Guide!

No Poo topics covered in this eBook:

  • What is “No Poo” and why would anyone do it?
  • Toxins in commercial hair products
  • How to get started & the dreaded transition phase
  • Finding hair type, including porosity, density, texture, and curl pattern
  • How to formulate pH balanced recipes
  • Deep conditioning, essential oils, and nutrition
  • A detailed shopping list

Happy reading!

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