No Poo for Beginners (No Shampoo)

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New to no shampoo? Information and tips for beginners

No Poo for Beginners

Are you wondering: What is No Poo and why are people are quitting shampoo? How do I wash my hair without shampoo? What are the types of No Poo methods, and how do I start No Poo?

This page serves as a roadmap for beginners and anyone new to No Shampoo. My hope is that the following posts answer your questions about why people are quitting shampoo, how people wash their hair without shampoo, and beginner tips and information for starting no poo.

Is shampoo bad for hair and what is no poo?

Why Shampoo is too harsh for hair & What is “No Poo”?

Is shampoo really damaging to hair?

Harsh cleansing ingredients found in many modern shampoos are overly cleansing and strip hair of its natural oils. Shampoo leaves hair dry, frizzy, and susceptible to breakage. It’s time to quit shampoo!

What is No Poo (No Shampoo)?

This post also covers the benefits many people experience after switching to an alternative method to wash their hair. Gentler hair washing methods leave hair soft, shiny, manageable, and hydrated – unlike shampoo.

Tips and information for how to start the no poo method

How to start a No Shampoo method

How to begin a shampoo-free hair washing method

The main things you need to know BEFORE starting a no poo hair washing method. This post also includes recommended tools and methods, and how to begin washing hair without shampoo.

Comparing types of no shampoo hair washing methods and how to choose

Types of No Shampoo Methods & How to Choose

What are the different No Poo hair washing methods?

A list of natural, gentle, zero waste, and sustainable No Poo hair washing methods and their benefits. This post includes a comparison chart that shows the types of hair washing methods, their lathering potential, and the impact each method has on hair and scalp oil production.

How to choose a No Poo method?

This post also includes tips for what to consider when choosing a no poo hair washing method!

An eBook cover for tips, help, and how to start the no poo method

Starting Guide to No Shampoo

Comprehensive Guide for No Poo Beginners

Need a more in-depth and comprehensive starting guide to No Poo? This downloadable eBook has 18 chapters and includes 20+ DIY recipes, step-by-step guides, and troubleshooting tips for beginners.

Leave a comment with your feedback, questions, and share your no shampoo experiences!

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